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In the world of luxury yachting, where opulence meets the open seas, Southern Right Yachting stands as a beacon of excellence and reliability.  With a name synonymous with prestige, we have been at the helm of yacht management and support services for discerning clients worldwide.  From yacht management to compliance, new build supervision to technical support, crew administration to financial administration, we are your comprehensive solution for all your yachting needs.

Yacht Management

Welcome aboard Southern Right Yachting, your premier partner for comprehensive Yacht Management services.

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Technical Support

Technical Support at Southern Right Yachting encompasses a wide spectrum of services, from routine maintenance to advanced troubleshooting.  We leverage the latest innovations in marine technology to enhance your yacht’s navigation, communication, and propulsion systems, providing you with a seamless and worry-free yachting experience.

Whether you’re facing technical challenges during a voyage or seeking proactive maintenance to prevent issues, our responsive Technical Support team is at your service.  We prioritize swift resolutions and efficient communication to keep you informed every step of the way.

At Southern Right Yachting, we understand that the key to enjoyable yachting is the seamless integration of technology.  Our Technical Support services not only address current issues but also anticipate future needs, ensuring that your yacht stays ahead of the curve in the ever-evolving world of maritime technology.  Sail with confidence, knowing that Southern Right Yachting is your trusted partner for unparalleled Technical Support on the open seas.


Ensuring your yacht sails smoothly within the bounds of maritime regulations is paramount, and at Southern Right Yachting, we specialize in comprehensive Yacht Compliance services. Our team, well-versed in international maritime laws and regulations, is dedicated to navigating the intricate waters of Large Yacht and Passenger Yacht Codes on your behalf.  At Southern Right Yachting, we are affiliated with various Flag States.

Yacht Compliance involves adhering to a myriad of safety, environmental, and operational standards set by maritime authorities globally.  Southern Right Yachting takes the helm in overseeing that your vessel meets and exceeds these standards.  From safety equipment inspections to environmental impact assessments, we meticulously ensure that your yacht is in full compliance with the latest regulations.

Our Compliance services go beyond meeting the bare minimum.  We proactively stay abreast of evolving regulations, conducting regular audits and assessments to ensure your yacht is always ahead of the curve.  With Southern Right Yachting, you can trust that your vessel not only complies with current regulations but is prepared for any future changes in the maritime landscape.


Our experienced team at Southern Right Yachting is committed to ensuring that your vision is transformed into reality with precision and excellence. From the initial design phase to the final touches, our Newbuild Supervision services guarantee that your yacht is constructed to the highest standards of craftsmanship, safety, and innovation.

Throughout the construction process, we act as your advocate, closely collaborating with shipyards and builders to monitor progress, address any concerns, and ensure adherence to specifications.  We understand that building a yacht is a significant investment, and our meticulous oversight aims to deliver a vessel that exceeds your expectations.

Southern Right Yachting’s Newbuild Supervision services go beyond project management; they embody a passion for bringing your yachting dreams to life.  Trust us to navigate the complexities of construction, ensuring that your new yacht is not just a vessel but a bespoke masterpiece tailored to your desires and preferences.  Your journey to yacht ownership begins with Southern Right Yachting’s unrivalled expertise in Newbuild Supervision.


Southern Right Yachting takes the helm in yacht Crew Administration, offering comprehensive services to ensure that your onboard team operates seamlessly, allowing you to focus on the joys of yachting.  Our expert crew management services cover every aspect of administration, from recruitment to payroll and beyond.

Recruiting and maintaining a skilled and reliable crew is fundamental to a successful yachting experience.  Southern Right Yachting meticulously handles crew selection, providing you with qualified professionals who align with your yacht’s unique requirements and your vision for a memorable voyage.  Our crew administration services extend to payroll management, compliance with maritime regulations, and ongoing training to keep your crew at the forefront of industry standards.

With Southern Right Yachting, you can trust that every aspect of crew administration is managed with precision and attention to detail.  We understand the importance of a harmonious crew in creating a positive onboard environment. From contractual agreements to scheduling and welfare, our services are designed to optimize crew efficiency, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable yachting experience for owners and guests alike.


Navigating the complex waters of international finance, Southern Right Yachting provides comprehensive support in offshore financial administration.  From establishing and managing offshore accounts to facilitating transparent financial reporting, we prioritize confidentiality, compliance, and financial optimization for our clients.

Our dedicated team is well-versed in the intricacies of maritime finance, offering services that include tax planning, budgeting, and financial forecasting.  Southern Right Yachting ensures that your yacht’s financial affairs are meticulously managed, allowing you to enjoy the pleasures of yachting without the burden of administrative complexities.


Southern Right Yachting proudly extends its expertise to Logistical Support for Yachts and Offshore Vessels, offering a seamless and efficient operational backbone for your maritime endeavours. 

Central to our commitment to supporting our Clients is the establishment of an onsite warehouse facility.  This strategic resource streamlines the receipt, repackaging, and shipment of spares, stores, and supplies to the vessel, optimizing efficiency and significantly reducing shipping costs for our clients both in Europe and on international waters.

Navigating the logistical intricacies of offshore operations can be a challenge, and Southern Right Yachting is your trusted partner in overcoming these hurdles.  From procuring and transporting spare parts to coordinating fuel and provisioning, our logistics support ensures that your yacht is always ready for its next adventure.  We understand the importance of timely and precise logistics in the maritime world, and our team is dedicated to facilitating a smooth and hassle-free experience for yacht owners.

Southern Right Yachting’s Logistical Support goes beyond the ordinary, encompassing a comprehensive approach that includes customs clearance, port coordination, and efficient route planning.  With our expertise, your offshore yacht can confidently explore new horizons, knowing that the logistical details are expertly managed by our seasoned team.  Sail with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that Southern Right Yachting is your reliable partner in offshore yacht logistics. 


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